Rachel Weissman

Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine

In Chinese Medicine, we view food and lifestyle therapies as equally important to receiving acupuncture or taking medicine. Health On Point offers services in Chinese herbal medicine, dietary and nutritional counseling as adjunctive resources to maintaining your health.

At our clinic, herbs may be prescribed both as a complement to acupuncture treatments or as a primary form of therapy. These herbs help change unhealthy balances and patterns and may result in decreased allergy symptoms, increased energy, improved digestion, improved sleep and/or a regulated menstrual cycle. Herbs are particularly effective with chronic problems as well as more acute versions of the common cold and flu (which do not respond as readily to Western medicines).

Why should I see an Herbalist?

Herbal Medicine has been used for centuries by people all over the world to treat disease and promote health. Both the West and the East have spent considerable time, research and energy developing the theories and applications within the field of herbal medicine. Herbs are generally easy to administer and cost-effective. When properly prescribed and used, they are relatively free of side effects.

For further information about herbal medicine, styles of treatment and reasons for seeing an herbalist, please view our frequently asked questions.


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Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

In addition to practicing Acupuncture, Rachel offers her patients support in terms of nutrition and lifestyle counseling. She furthered her training both at Bastyr University in Seattle as well as in New York and Philadelphia, to pursue this passion. Rachel offers a wealth of knowledge unique to Iowa City - not only within the realm of Chinese Medicine - but also dietary therapy and holistic healthcare. Call to schedule a session in Oriental medicine and lifestyle counseling. During this appointment you can expect:

• A truly whole-person approach that addresses nutrition, exercise and stress management, lifestyle factors and spiritual development.
• An in-depth understanding the relationship that food, water, sleep and exercise has on your overall emotional and physical health and performance.

When you choose to work with Rachel and Health On Point, you will be working with a team of professionals dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives by serving the nutritional, lifestyle and wellness needs of individuals and families in our community.

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