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General Wellness: TESTIMONIALS


"A rare gem: At Health On Point, you will receive an individually designed treatment plan that reflects a high level of expertise as well as an open and expanded heart. Rachel works seamlessly and it is a joy to be treated. I recommend the clinic highly. My care has been transformative.

- Nancy F.

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Prior to 2009, I would have never volunteered for acupuncture.  It just didn’t sound like a fun way to spend the afternoon.  Well, I have never been so very wrong in my life. 


I have always have anxiety issues and even at a young age, had trouble sleeping.  It wasn’t until my immune system was very low and my anxiety was very high, that I got very sick with a rare disease that lives in my nervous system that can cause blindness and in extreme cases, leads to death.  I had my ups and downs with doctors and medicines and it wasn’t until it looked like I was getting worse that I thought I’d give something different a try.


Something different meant sessions with Rachel.


I first met her just a few months back.  I told her most of my face and head on my left side was numb due to nerve damage around my left eye.  She asked some questions and we began our first session.  Just after my first poke I felt something happen.  Each poke had its purpose and it felt like each was working!  Plus, she was very good at making sure I was comfortable the whole time.  I felt such relief after my first session.  It was incredible!  I had more motion in my forehead than I’d had in years!  Each treatment since has brought new life into my head - I now look forward to and cannot wait until my next session. 

So far I have brought in my husband, mother and mother in law for treatments and all of them cannot say enough positive things about Rachel and her talent.

Cheers to good health!”

- Heather, business owner

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“Rachel's treatment has helped me managed the jaw, shoulder, and neck pain associated with TMJ better than any other medical professional I consulted.  She thoroughly investigated all aspects of my health history and took into account my physical and emotional state in order to treat me fully.  Acupuncture has really improved my quality of life, and Rachel's care is top-notch.  I always leave her office feeling so much better; relaxed, centered, and pain-free.

- Julia, writer

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“I began to learn about acupuncture a few years ago.  A friend of mine had success with treatments she received for pain resulting from a car accident several years prior.  She claimed acupuncture worked to alleviate her pain. As fascinated as I was with the concept, I still remained skeptical. At the same time my friend was receiving treatments, I began to have frequent headaches.  Initially I took Ibuprofen and a nap at the onset of my headaches but after a while, the headaches were turning into migraines.  I switched to Excedrin migraine.  Even with a stronger pain medication, my headaches kept coming back.


After two years, I had just accepted the pain as a part of my life.  I knew I needed to see a doctor when the headaches became weekly and incapacitating but I feared being put on prescription pain medication.  I was still skeptical about whether acupuncture would work but I decided to give it a shot and I am so glad I did!


I found Rachel online.  At my first appointment, she and I talked extensively about my headaches and the location and type of pain I was experiencing.  I had A LOT of questions but Rachel was patient and encouraging and very thorough.  After my first appointment, I went home and went straight to bed.  The next morning however, was amazing.  My body was tension free for the first time in years and without a headache.


I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for a few months now.  I no longer have weekly headaches.  Rachel discovered the root of my headaches and worked with me to eliminate it, a health alternative I much prefer to constantly taking pain relievers (not to mention that my stomach is much happier as well).  I can’t communicate what a relief it is not to have a headache each week. 


Rachel is currently weaning me off acupuncture treatments.  I only go once per month but my body still looks forward to the sessions and the afternoon nap!”

- Andria N

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I came to know Rachel and use her professional services as some what of a last resort.  Not because I had anything against acupuncture in particular, I just simply had never tried this type of treatment before.


In fall of 2008 I was suffering from mild numbness and loss of strength in my left arm. The severity of these symptoms increased over the course of a week and was so painful that I actually thought that I was having a heart attack.  This took place just weeks after being diagnosed with malignant melanoma and under going surgery on my right shoulder blade area.  


In the hospital emergency room they quickly determined that my heart was fine but could not pin point the cause of the excruciating pain in my lower should blade area.  My best description would be intense cramping and spasms of the muscles.  Morphine, steroids and all the other muscle relaxant drugs did not have any lasting effect on relieving the pain.  My argument with the medical doctors is that they insisted that my pain was from a slightly degenerated disk in my neck.  I had no neck pain.  My pain seemed to be muscular.  The traditional treatments were just not addressing that directly, at least in my mind.


I was referred to Rachel after getting some limited relief from rather intense massage therapy.  At this point, I was very willing to try almost anything suggested. From the very first treatment with Rachel I experienced measurable relief.  I had not been able to sleep for about two weeks.  I have to say that the treatment was uncomfortable at first, but the instantaneous pain quickly gave way to relief and muscles that would finally relax.  It has been a long road of healing and Rachel has been a blessing to me.  Her determination to find the spot, her candor in answering questions and her assurances that this will get better kept me going through the worst part of the times. Rachel, thank you!   If I were there I would give you a big hug.”

- Brian K, Financial Advisor

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“In fall of 2008, I experienced migraines throughout my neck, eyes and felt extreme pressure all over my face. The pain was so severe that I had equilibrium problems, blurred vision and nausea. I was diagnosed with a small cholesterol granuloma on the right side of my brain. This was not life threatening but contributed to my migraines.  I was given prescription pain medicines that were so potent, I felt dizzy and worse after taking them.  Over time, my pain progressed and I completely lost hope that I would ever find a solution.


I decided to give acupuncture a shot.  Before my appointment, Rachel called and dedicated her time to speaking with my husband and me about acupuncture, explaining the process. For the first time in months, I felt genuinely “cared about” with a health care professional. Rachel was different, she remembered details not only about the progression of my health, but personal aspects.  She’d always ask how my art show was, or share a fun recipe.


Not only was I impressed with the professionalism of the clinic and Rachel’s bubbly personality; I was floored at the results I felt with my health.  I immediately felt pressure in my head relieved.  If you have ever held your breath underwater for too long and finally came to the surface to exhale, this is how I can describe I felt after my first treatment.  I suffered headaches for so long, I forgot what it felt like to not have one.


Rachel didn’t treat me the same way every appointment.  She would listen to how I felt then customize treatment to fit my needs.  If I came in experiencing pain, she would focus on providing me with relief.  If I felt really great on a day of treatment- she used that time to focus on overall wellness and prevention towards future headaches.

Rachel truly gave me my life back.  Before I came into Health on Point, my migraines controlled my life.  I missed out on great things and important events because I was stuck at home, bedridden with nauseating pain.


Rachel has been dubbed a lifesaver by many people I see leave the front desk.  She is passionate about what she does and she genuinely loves coming to work and making an impact.  She has inspired me and many others here at Health on Point to take control of our health and love our body and life to its fullest.  Come see what Rachel can offer for you – you will not be disappointed!


– Missy, business owner, HOP assistant


Sports Injuries: TESTIMONIALS


“Training for my races means taking good care of my body. Sleep, eating well and acupuncture mean preparing myself for the competition, both inside and out. Rachel understands that I can’t afford to miss a competition, and that there is no space for me to worry about injury and recovery. Receiving acupuncture from Rachel has enabled me to compete at my highest level, comfortably and confidently.

- Dan R


As a dancer, my body is my instrument and when it’s broken, I can't really work around it. I have had chronic hip issues for a long time as well as the usual strains on the rest of my body that come with a discipline like ballet.  There have been long periods when my dancing didn’t seem feasible.  I started seeing Rachel last year for my hips and some other old injuries and I moved very differently after the first few treatments.  Her combination of classical Chinese meridians with more local Western trigger-points really opened up the areas in my body that were stuck.

The first appointment I had with her I was really surprised at the burst of heat I felt with each needle as the muscle released.  Rachel told me she works in short sleeves all year because her patients give off so much heat during treatments!  Since I started working with her she has addressed my chronic injuries as well as old scar tissue and a sprained back. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for pain relief and a way to address the body imbalances, especially if you are an athlete.

-Eliana, ballerina at the University of Iowa dance department


 “For years I have suffered from daily back, neck, shoulder and all around joint and muscle discomfort. Prior to trying acupuncture I had recently returned to chiropractic and massage after about ten years away. I did this for roughly a year.  Even with frequent visits, I was still experiencing quite a bit of discomfort. My job requires me to be on my feet, on concrete, lifting awkward and heavy items. At the end of any given day my joints and muscles are just shot. Stretching and bodywork (massage) helped some but it never seemed to last. Acupuncture had been suggested in the past but I never really gave it much thought. I started to see Rachel about 4 months ago. The first three appointments I couldn't really feel much difference, but by the fourth session I started to feel my body "reset" itself. I recall having a body high for a couple days. I decided that it wasn't so much that I was high but rather that I wasn’t experiencing the constant level of pain that I had been accustomed to for so many years. Acupuncture was able to penetrate trouble areas in my back and neck that massage just couldn't get to. If you suffer from chronic muscle and joint pain then I recommend at least trying a few sessions of acupuncture it doesn't hurt...really.”

- Ben


Women’s Health and Wellness: TESTIMONIALS


“I tell my friends that Rachel and her acupuncture changed my life!  I had been dealing with the hot flashes of menopause for two years with my primary physician but I was still miserable.  I didn’t want to go the route of hormone replacement therapy, so I decided to see if acupuncture would help me.  I felt better the evening of my first acupuncture treatment! 


Now, acupuncture is my first approach, not a last resort, when I feel out of balance.  I’ve seen Rachel for my hot flashes, headaches and overall wellness.  I’m never disappointed and always head home feeling better than when I arrived.  Rachel is caring, compassionate and a master with her skills.


She understands and appreciates Western medicine, yet she is there with several alternative therapies at her disposal.  That can be a delicate balance, but one she handles with experience and a wealth of expertise. 

-Judy, Clinical Social Worker


“Since I was a teenager, I’ve had horrible, debilitating PMS. From the classic mood swings and cramping, to bouts of deep depression. Until recently, the ‘solution’ was to be on birth control pills. Now that I’m married and am thinking about starting a family of my own, I recognize that the pill has just been a band-aid fix, and that I needed a therapy that would get to the root of the issue. Working with Rachel has been just that. Her patience, empathy and depth of knowledge regarding women’s health continues to amaze me. She’s also worked with my husband (he was quite doubtful in the beginning!) and he too sings her praises. I am now at a point where acupuncture is necessary only as a ‘tune up’ for my body. I only wish I’d called Rachel sooner!

- Mary, Research Assistant


“Rachel’s talent for acupuncture is phenomenal. I tell her often that she saved my life! I sought her out for help with hot flashes and trouble sleeping, a result of menopause. I was having 30-40 hot flashes a day and waking every two hours a night. My doctor wanted to put me on HRT but I declined, wanting a more natural remedy.

After my first session with Rachel, my hot flashes decreased immediately and my sleeping improved. Within a month, my hot flashes dropped to less than ten a day, and not nearly as severe, and my sleep has improved so much that I am back to dreaming again.


I can’t say enough about how much Rachel’s magic hands with acupuncture has changed my life. Thanks, Rachel!

-CR, Author

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